4 Tips for Tired Moms (10-Minute Mommy Peptalk)

4 Tips for Tired Moms (10-Minute Mommy Peptalk)

Tired? Here’s 4 ways to recharge.


  1. We canceled our internet. When I go to a place with ” WiFi” I can’t contain my excitement when I go to jewishmom.com. I am LOVING this pep talk!!

  2. Hi,
    Two comments on your pep talk. #1 – those scheduled naps sound like they only work on normal days. What about Erev Shabbos or Yom Tov? What about summer when the kids are off? What about Sundays? How do you fit them in then?

    #2 – about those vacation days. I find that those days make me feel worse! If I am tired and I push myself and somehow get laundry done, dishes done and clean the house — I just feel so much better! Doesn’t a clean, good smelling house make us feel so much better sometimes? It’s the laying around in pajamas, feeding the kids cereal for dinner that puts me so down sometimes!

  3. I would also like to add that I keep thinking about what rebitzen yemina mizrachi said…regarding the three points. The oooing and cooing really stayed out in my mind. Thank you for sharing.

  4. The post is really interesting and informative,but it does take the whole day just to accomplish those 3 minimal required things …..

    – to keep kids looking clean and groomed with clothing that fits the sizes, season,occasion-
    – I find it a major challenge although I do my mending and am on top of laundry and children closets are organized. But it does take a whole big part of my time, especially with the little one (1.5) who dirties and wets himself many times a day. I try to limit spending lots of money on clothing and try to recycle as many items as possible but even as it is – a real challenge in terms of time and money and energy !
    Whenever I see a big family with all kids nicely looking ( and many times fashionably dressed too ), several girls with pretty hairdos I always wonder how their mother manages, may Hashem always bless them with more and not lessen them. And I saw B’H many such families.
    Maybe someone knows the secret ?

    Next – meals – just to have kids ( and a husband also ) fed requires
    menu planning, shopping, organizing the shelves, the fridge, using up the leftovers wisely ( otherwise there won’t be much money left to do the grocery shopping ), cleaning the stove, washing the dishes, setting the table, heating up the dishes, cleaning up and many more chores.
    And what about wiping up whatever is spilled , picking up the pieces of whatever is broken, sweeping the kitchen floor a good couple times a day ( otherwise the crumbs would migrate to other parts of the house and ants would appear in no time )?

    And the last one – just to smile and be nurturing and not to fall apart or not to explode towards the end of the daly or even earlier ?
    I would need to rest the whole day long, but again, who can rest when
    you have the first 2 essential things to accomplish ( we didn’t even
    mention any serious cleaning or preparing for holidays ).
    Again, whoever knows the secret – please share.
    Thank you,
    the end of the

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