And the Name of Sara Chana bas Yehudis’ Baby Is…

And the Name of Sara Chana bas Yehudis’ Baby Is…

Just received this from Sara Chana bas Yehudis, the author of last October’s post “My 3 Kids and 6 Miscarriages,” who just had a baby this past Friday, a few hours after Rosh Hashana…

We named our baby Penina.

Why Penina?

Penina means a pearl. Life is a precious gift, a jewel.

A pearl is also hidden. There is a verse that says: “Kol kevudah bas melech p’nima” – the beauty of a princess is hidden, it’s tznius.

Hashem’s ways are also hidden.

Sometimes it may look like Hashem is hiding from us, but this isn’t true, He is always there, even though we may not understand it. Hashem is always running the world.

The verse that goes with the name Penina (begins with a “pay” and ends with a “hay” is: “Pischu li shaarei tzedek avu vam odekah” –open for me the gates of righteousness, I will come in and praise You”. We too want to thank Hashem, for the precious gift of life.

On Rosh Hashona we read the story of Penina and Chana. Penina admonished her sister wife Chana for not davening for children. Even though it looks as though Penina is boasting, her intentions were pure. She was trying to help Chana to see Hashem even though times seemed desolate and lost. This brought out prayer in Chana to daven and she therefore was able to be given a child.

May our daughter Penina always be someone who will help people see the good intentions of Hashem, even when they seem hidden.


  1. beautiful! hazorim bidima birina yiktzoru…may u have abundant joy and nachas from your Penina!

  2. B”H

    Mazal tov on the birth of your daughter! My oldest child is named Peninah for her grandfather, Pinchas, and also for many of the same reasons you wrote so beautifully here. It is a very special name. May you raise your Penina to a life of Torah, chuppah, and ma’asim tovim!

  3. L’Torah, L’Chuppah, and Maasim Tovim. Much nachas from her and all your children. Such a beautiful post!

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