Raising Kids who are Independent AND Nurtured (9-Minute Mommy-Peptalk Video)

Raising Kids who are Independent AND Nurtured (9-Minute Mommy-Peptalk Video)

Striking the perfect balance between letting kids struggle and helping them succeed.

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  1. How does this work in the morning rush? I wish my kids didn’t need my constant reminder to “focus, focus, focus”. I have two absent-minded girls who just get lost in conversation and get very distracted all morning. They need to be out the door at 7:40 and this is a huge challenge for me. I feel like the mean monster every morning as I constantly remind them that they are about to run out of time to eat or use the bathroom. Sometimes I just want them to realize this on their own, but who’s going to suffer if they’re late? Me! I will then have them home extra long and have to find a way to get them to school late, or keep them home!

  2. This was a super pep talk. I am in the process of teaching my 2nd grader that if he fools around when its time for hw, the time for hw will pass and he will have to shower and get ready for bed. I give him a couple warnings until I have to say ” OK, hw time is over.” This happened a couple times until he started taking me seriously, that after a certain point I will not let him do hw and he has to continue with the night time routine. I also used to be on top of making sure we sign his hw every night until I could no longer handle it. I told him if he wants it signed, he has to come up to me with a pencil ready and his finger on the spot of where I should sign. I am not about to flip through his book looking where to sign. I want him to “own” hw responsibilities. The way I got him to do this is by not signing it and his teacher becoming annoyed that its not signed. Hatzlacha! 🙂

  3. Dear ” mean monster”,

    I feel the same way, I am constantly hissing at my kids to be quiet in the morning so they won’t wake the two year old. I need her to sleep while I get them ready. A lot of kids don’t want to eat breakfast so early (so difficult for us Jewish mommies), try offering them hot cocoa or hot chocolate milk.

  4. rachel pavlov

    dear all
    Thank you chana jenny fora wonderful pep talk. when I was little I always remember my mother raising her voice at us to get up get dressed tidy our rooms eat breakfast brush our teeth etc the atmosphere in the house at that time was something that i really suffered from as a child and I always said that when please goodness will be in her shoes i will not do the same. In the beginning i saw that i was following in my mother footsteps i could not believe that when I told my girlsto get dressed i would come back and she would still be in her pyjamas!!!!!!!!! and then one day i just stopped like i am getting myself hypped up so they wont be late. its not that i am late. let them see what it is like to be late. so we started with them taking their clothes out the night before and they put them at the end of their bed which solved the problem of ima i dont have any….. their clothes were at least readyso one would expect they would get up and get dressed but no. but my eldest realised by cheshvan of kita aleph that although she is ready to lave the house she has to help ima with the little bitsshe didnot like to miss tefillah in school and suddenly she was asking for her sibling to hurry up so they could all leave thehouse together.And now we do its rather nice and so easy we walk together today theyjumpedin the puddles and they gotto where they needed to be each with a smile on their face
    shavua tov

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