Torah Scroll Dedicated in Memory of Yael and Avigail Gross z”l

Torah Scroll Dedicated in Memory of Yael and Avigail Gross z”l

10 months after they were accidentally killed by an exterminator’s poison, a sefer Torah will be dedicated this week in memory of Yael and Avigail Gross z”l.

For many years American philanthropist Ira Rennert has been donating 30 sifrei Torah every year over Passover and Succot. Earlier this year Rennert approached the Gross family with the offer of dedicating a sefer Torah in their daughters’ memory. The ceremony marking writing the final letters of the Sefer Torah was held on Erev Succot in the presence of Israel’s chief rabbis and Rabbi Avigdor Nebenzahl, the rabbi of the Old City.

The Hachnasat Sefer Torah will be held this coming Thursday at 6:30 PM, leaving from the “Mishkan Shmuel” Synagogue on R. Gold in Givat Mordechai and finishing at the synagogue “Chanichei HaYeshivot Ohel David” on R. Heller 10.

All the time we see that when a person dies, the family dedicates a Torah scroll in his or her honor. But why? Among other reasons, it’s a recognition of the holiness, the preciousness of every Jew. Every Jew and every Jewish child is a walking sefer Torah. Blessed with a Divine soul and full of the Torah they learn and will pass on to their own children and future generations IY”H.

How blessed we are to have these living Sifrei Torah running around our homes and filling up our lives…


  1. You can see their sweetness in that photo, what a terrible loss 🙁

  2. so beautiful. i would love to go. thanks for letting us know about it.

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