Michal Gross Expecting a New Baby this Winter

Michal Gross Expecting a New Baby this Winter

Yesterday I stood near Jerusalem’s Central Bus Station and saw 163 after 163 after 163 passing by one after the other carrying visitors home from the yahrzeit prayers at Rachel’s Tomb in Bethlehem. An estimated 70,000 Jews will visit the tomb today, the 11th of Cheshvan, to mark the yahrzeit.

And in honor of the yahrzeit of this matriarch who suffered so much in her life and also waited many years for children, I wanted to share some amazing news I just read at www.Hidabroot.org!

Over recent days rumors have been spreading fast and furious that Michal Gross, whose two young daughters died in a tragic accident last January, gave birth this week to twin girls. The rumors have spread so far that the Grosses have been inundated with phone calls wishing them “Mazal tov!” from strangers and acquaintances alike. In response, Shimon Gross’ father, Yaakov Gross, has chosen to set the story straight. While Michal did not give birth to twin girls, Yaakov Gross explained, she IS expecting a baby in two months!

What wonderful news!!!

Following the tragedy, Shimon Gross explained, “The lack we feel is painful. I believe in the continuation of life, but I am also a human being. Following her death, we stood by Avigail, Michal and I. The faith that we are not only a body, but also a soul that remains after death, helps us to cope.”

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