Israeli TV Star sees Hashem at Birth–and Becomes Religious

Israeli TV Star sees Hashem at Birth–and Becomes Religious

Aya Kremerman, the secular co-star of the popular Israeli comedy show “Aya and Shirli,” became religious about 5 years ago. That’s actually not so surprising. Over the years, quite a few non-observant Israeli celebrities have become religious. What’s highly unusual about Aya’s story is what prompted her to become religious.

This is how she describes the experience that set her off down the road to a fully religious life. From an interview with Channel 2 (video below):
With an ironic smile, Aya explains: “Today I am a mother of 3 children. I am a nursemaid. I’m a cleaning lady. I’m a chauffeur. And that’s who I am today. I frummed out and wear a head covering. Gossip, immodesty, and abominations. That was what I dealt with before, and I was gifted at it.”

Narrator: “She disappeared for several years, and now she’s begun to lecture about the revolution which took place, at the height of her success, during the birth of her oldest child.”

Aya: “A miracle happened to me. I gave birth to a baby. My husband stood beside me, and next to him, stood the Holy One Blessed be He. And I as well as my husband saw Him. We saw Him with our own eyes, but we didn’t talk about it. I didn’t say to my husband, ‘Wow, did you see the Holy One Blessed Be He? He was standing right next to you!’ It was this strange sort of feeling, and I said, ‘You know, I would like to start lighting Shabbat candles…’

Before long, Aya and her husband were keeping Kosher and Shabbat and sending their son to a religious nursery school.

Mekareved by G-d Himself at the birth of your first child, awesome story. And makes me wonder…why it doesn’t happen more often?

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  1. the interview is rather fast paced, but I was able to follow most of it. She has charisma and humor going for her. Any chance of a translation for those who can’t follow the dialogue?

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