Preemie Born 1.1 Pounds–Joins IDF

Preemie Born 1.1 Pounds–Joins IDF

18 years ago, Elon Cohen of Ashdod was born at 24 weeks and weighed only 1.1 pounds (500 grams). Last week, on the day before his enlistment in the IDF, Elon paid a visit to Professor Leah Sirota of Schneider Children’s Hospital where he spent the first three months of his life in an incubator under her care.

While in high school, Cohen was an active volunteer with Magen David Adom and with Holocaust survivors. He came with his parents to Schneider to express his thanks to Professor Sirota for fighting so hard for his survival: “I want to thank Professor Leah Sirota from the bottom of my heart for fighting for my life and for guiding my parents over the first few months after my birth. I am full of appreciation for her work, and want to encourage her and the rest of the medical staff in their many efforts, their investment, and exceptional giving.

Professor Sirota responded, “Elon’s visit, right before his enlistment, was very moving…Elon’s visit was heartwarming and I have no doubt that it was inspiring and gave hope to the parents of the preemies here.”





  1. Wow, talk about a success story!

  2. B”H, G-d and modern medicine!

  3. I worked in NICU for number of years. for a boy preemie of 24 weeks gestational age of 500 grams (I say boy, because preemie girls, are known to have a better success rate of survival)is utterly amazing. They can have so many problems even if they do survive: respiratory, neurological, eye, hearing concerns and learning disabilities as well. This young man has miraculously more than thrived. To start his service in the IDF, means he MUST have a “bill” of good health. May he have many years of a healthy and productive life. Further it also seems as though he has great dedicated parents, which more than helps. mazel tov!!!

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