Our Baby’s Name: Yonatan Tsur Weisberg

Our Baby’s Name: Yonatan Tsur Weisberg

B”H, the baby and I have been doing well…Thanks so much for all the mazal tovs you sent me! Here’s some thoughts about why we chose the name we chose:

Yonatan was one of the Maccabees. He was a great hero in the years following the Chanukah story, eventually recapturing Jerusalem from the Greeks. He was a brave warrior in the eternal battle of the Jewish people—spreading light to drive away the darkness. Yonatan literally means “G-d gave” and that’s how we feel about our little Yonatan Tsur.

Tsur means “rock.” We chose this name in honor of the late husband of my mother-in-law, Peter Leslie, since Peter also means “rock.” The word “Tsur” also appears in the song we sing after candlelighting, Maoz Tsur. To us, a “tsur” represents strength and integrity. Standing up for truth and goodness– Torah and Hashem– even if the rest of the world is rushing in the other direction. And that is our prayer and hope for our newborn son.

And here’s something else sweet I wanted to share…I just saw that our Chanukah menorahs were featured in the Times of Israel! Ours are the next to last…Chanukah Sameach, JewishMOM!


  1. Its beautiful. I love it! I kept checking the site to see if you posted the name yet 😉

  2. Rachel Fried

    Wow! What a beautiful and strong name! May he grow and live up to it!

  3. Mazal tov! What a lovely name. May you and all of klal Yisrael have much nachat from him.

  4. mazal tov!! such a beautiful name! feel good !!

  5. Take care of yourself — and keep in mind… your fans are waiting:)

  6. Mazal tov may you see much yiddishe nachas from him, l’torah,l’chupah, umaasim tovim. Don’t rush to get back- you need to nurture yourself so you can be there for your family. Does anyone know how the men injured in the Har Nof incident are recuperating? Here is Miami we don’t hear about it.

  7. Mazal tov sweet Chana Jenny! Blessings for you and your family and may this little one bring you only nahas and joy!!

  8. Mazel Tov! Mazel Tov! May you and your husband have much nachas and be zechut to raise him l’Torah, l’chuppah, and maasim tovim. His name is beautiful.

  9. Mazal tov and lots and lots of nachat from him. I’ve also got a Yonatan. Beautiful name!!!!

  10. Mazel Tov! Should you see him and all of your children grow up healthily as true “Ovdei Hashem”.
    I was also wondering how the injured from the Har Nof attack are recuperating. If you have any update I would be most happy to hear.

  11. Mazal tov Chana Jenny and to all of the Weisbergs! Continued nachat, health and happiness from all of your children!

  12. Esther Albalak

    bs”d Mazal tov!!! Loads of nachat, that he may grow up to be a tsadik and live a long and healthy and happy life!

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