A Traffic Jam in the Holy Land

A Traffic Jam in the Holy Land

On Thursday, an older married couple visiting from America gave me a ride home.

When the husband turned right on Betsalel Street, we discovered what looked like a mile-long parking lot. “Oh no!” I muttered, “a traffic jam…We should have gone another way.”

But the husband had a very different reaction.

He sang out, “Thank G-d! A traffic jam in the Holy Land!”

And as we inched our way up through Betsalel Street parking lot, the husband reflected in a soft voice full of wonder…

“If I would have told my grandfather that one day we would be stuck in a traffic jam in Jerusalem, he wouldn’t have believed it. Never in his wildest dreams could he have imagined that there would one day be this many Jews living here. A traffic jam in the Holy Land.

“Ken Yirbu!” he concluded, “May they be fruitful and multiply!”




  2. I know what the author wants to say-very nice and romantic but could easily do w/o the traffic jams…people turn ugly, thoughts become impure and hardly spiritual-somehow his interpretation of the unique opportunity to live here by using traffic as a metaphor doesn’t move me, as I get frustrated by the futility of the bumper to bumper dance going nowhere.

  3. too bad not everyone in the jam is viewing it from such a positive perspective. that’s what leads to the anger, temper, nastiness.

  4. This could have been me. When I drive on the highway I look around and marvel and the infrastructure in Eretz Yisrael. We’re so lucky to be living in this time that our grandparents and theirs dreamed about. I sometimes even cry from the splendor. Baruch Hashem!

  5. sometimes the most powerful messages are short and sweet. Thank you.

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