3 Tips to Master the Mind (12-Minute Mommy Peptalk)

3 Tips to Master the Mind (12-Minute Mommy Peptalk)

3 techniques from Dina Friedman’s Mastery Program on silencing distressing mind chatter.


  1. Just wanted to comment on the “empowering thought” part. I too always used to think “ain od milvado” for years. I have anxiety and that has been my one go-to thought. Works great when you’re waiting to get poked for a blood test too!
    Anyway, when I was getting closer to labor recently, I made empowering “chizuk cards”. I wrote in dark black marker, on index cards, things like “Hashem knows I can do it.” “Ain od milvado”, or “Focus on NOW” or “Hashem only does Kindnesses, He is the more kind than the kindest person in the world.”
    I realized that sometimes my empowering thought that I think about throughout the day gets old. I overthink it and get immune to it. So now I change the thought every few days or weeks. I take out one card and place it on my dresser so I can see it daily and use it all day when I need it in my head. Then I change it when I feel that it’s not helping me anymore, or my life situations need a new motto.

    BTW, when I was about to push my baby out, I switched cards and came up to the kindness one. It made me start bawling, and I could not stop crying!! I kept thinking how kind Hashem is for giving me this child and here she was about to come into the world. The midwife asked if I was okay. Little did she know how okay I was. Hashem is kind!

  2. Sara – such good thoughts and words. Yes, I found that reaching the emergency room – when my father and daughter had been in a terrible car accident . . I was asked so many questions – the hospital needed all sorts of information. I could barely think of my daughter’s name – my mind was so overwhelmed, I forgot everything. Your idea of cards is great. How can you even pray at a time like that? But, keep some cards in your purse – pull them out – read . . Hashem is so great! Hashem is kind! Hashem is with me! Yes! “Ain od milvado” “Lo ira ra ki attah imadi”.

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