Update on Injured Members of the Arush Family by Rachel Tzipporah Avrahami

Update on Injured Members of the Arush Family by Rachel Tzipporah Avrahami

I went last night to the Amen party for the women’s Yeshiva. It was very emotional, and beautiful. The most moving part was after praying, crying, saying Tikkun Klali, etc. we all stood up and sang Tehillim 100 (A Song of Thanksgiving) and clapped. It was an incredible moment of strength and hope – there is no other community like this. Rebbetzin Ayala Arush once again urged us to continue praying and saying “Thank You” [and expressing gratitude] at home.

The news from the injured members of the Arush family is painful.

Daniela bat Zahava is in relatively the best condition of everyone, physically at least. She was actually driving the car and was somewhat protected by the steering wheel etc. Emotionally, it’s another story altogether.

The children, Nachman and Miriam bnei Daniela, are in moderate condition but in a very rough spot. Rebbetzin Ayala was very general – some things will heal, some things the doctors say will not heal on their own, maybe it will be better with treatments, etc. But she told us we won’t know until Wednesday, 3 days after the accident, regarding a better long term prognosis. The doctors say they need to see what happens in the meantime to have a better idea.

Reb Shimon Machluf ben Miriam Varda is still in critical condition.

Rebbetzin Ayala said they have seen a lot of miracles – and they need a lot more. It is very, very difficult and Reb Shimon is sort of awake, but is not himself. They have not told him anything about his family since he is not in the condition to be able to cope with it.

The family needs continued prayers – for their bodies and their souls– and to have the strength to emotionally keep going, with emuna and joy. Anything and everything you can do – DO!

Already people have been giving out emuna books and CDs in their merit, accepting upon themselves to learn a page of emuna a day, taking upon themselves mitzvot, and more.

If you want to share with me what you are doing, I am passing this information onto the family to give them strength. Already tonight I told Rebbetzin Ayala and she was very appreciative.

A little more from Rabbi Arush that Rebbetzin Ayala Arush gave over in his name:

There is a time and a limit to everything. Now is the time to cry, but not to lose ourselves in suffering, despair, depression. We must continue to strengthen our emuna and say “Thank You.” Don’t get carried away – even the sadness must have a limit, a border.
We have a choice in front of us – we can choose to deny the good, G-d forbid, and fail to see Hashem. We can cry over the child who died, and those who are wounded. Or we can choose to appreciate the good. We can thank Hashem for the miracle that anyone is alive, and walked away from that car (I saw a picture, what was left can hardly be called a car).

Where there is life – there is hope. And there is a lot of hope! With emuna we are above nature completely, there is no nature at all. AMEN!

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  1. Thank you so much for this update. It is always nice when there is follow up and we know if tefillos are still needed.

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