56-Year-Old Ethiopian Jew Has First Child after 30 Year Wait

56-Year-Old Ethiopian Jew Has First Child after 30 Year Wait

The following is a translated excerpt from the article written by Meir Turjeman for today’s issue of Yediot Achronot.

“I am so excited that I merit to hold my baby,” said the new mother Tami Trona, who after years of trying, succeeded at the age of 56 to bring her first child into the world.

“I always wanted to be a mother, and I’ve been waiting for a child from the time I got married in Ethiopia, 30 years ago. I always dreamed about this. I wanted and I wanted and I didn’t give up,” says Trona, who made aliya to Israel in 1991. “After many efforts to become pregnant, I decided that the time had come to take a break. And I spoke with my niece about it, and she encouraged me and told me that it is forbidden to despair. Suddenly, after that conversation, I succeeded in becoming pregnant. My entire family was so excited, and there was great joy.” …

Shosh Abutbul, a midwife for 30 years, described her special connection with Trona. “I became very close to her over the last month [which Trona spent at Kaplan Hospital on bedrest], and I was with her during her C-section. Before the anesthesiologist got started, we put on Ethiopian music, and we even danced and laughed with her, in order to reduce the tension. I held her hand for the whole birth, and I felt like I was a member of her family.”

Abutbul says that the birth was special for the entire medical staff, “It’s not every day that we see a birth at age 56 at our hospital, this was one of the most exciting days that I’ve ever experienced in our department. I will never forget Tami’s tears of joy after the birth. She entered our hearts, and I plan to stay in touch with her when she returns to her home in order to assist her in all of the stages of learning how to care for the new baby.”

Trona explained: “I have no words to describe the dedication and kindness of the nurses and midwives, who for an entire month watched over my health and the health of my baby. I thank everyone who assisted me.”

With her son in her arms, Trona talks about the new love in her life. “When I heard the baby crying, I felt great joy and tremendous happiness, and from the moment I first embraced him I am full of joy. He is so adorable, this baby. I am so excited that I finally get to hold Satuta (a gift, in Ethiopian).
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  1. aussie girl

    Mazal tov!!
    You have such a beautiful baby bli ayin hara!!
    Your story is incredible and full of emunah! I will tell your story to others who are still waiting to hold their precious babies

  2. Mazal Tov! Mazal Tov! Mazal Tov!

    Every birth is a ness, but this ness gives us a special chizuk not to despair. By the way, is the baby a boy or a girl?

  3. So beautiful! Never give up hope. You are an inspiration to everyone. Mazal tov and lots of nachas!

  4. Roberta Ackerman

    Wow!!! Mazal tov….Mazal tov. I had my first and only at 43. You beat me. Good for you!! No words can express the joy. I am so happy for you.


  5. How did she have a white baby?

    How did she become pregnant at this age?

  6. Hahaha! That made me laugh ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Sometimes babies are born light skin and then they become darker. As I’m black and my husband is white our third was pretty much the same color when born and only now at 6 weeks has gotten his tan color.

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