Rare Video of Rabbanit Arush: “I Give Thanks to the Creator of the World”

Rare Video of Rabbanit Arush: “I Give Thanks to the Creator of the World”

I loved seeing this video of Rabbi and Rabbanit Arush thanking the medical staff that is caring for their son and grandchildren. So amazing to witness how decades of work on the characteristic of gratitude have enabled them to say “thank you” and to see the good even at this time of tragedy. After reading Rabbi Arush’s book on marriage and shalom bayit, I also loved seeing the Arushes together, to see first-hand how this world-famous public speaker respects his wife and defers to her.

Click here to watch the video of Rabbi and Rabbanit Arush speaking from Barzilai Hospital Translation below.

rabbanit arush
Rabbanit Arush: The ICU here [at Ashkelon’s Barzilai Medical Center] is maybe 20 square meters, that’s how big it is. And they are working there, 4 staff members—a doctor and 3 nurses—without stop. I have never seen anything like it. You must come visit. And the director of the ICU, what a smiling face, what patience, what love, what skill. I’ve never seen anything like it.

Rabbi Arush: “They were giving to us from all directions. You are good shlichim [messengers of Hashem] here.”

Rabbanit Arush: The director of pediatric surgery is such a professional!…She is a winner! It’s something, it’s unbelievable. Good people gave us blankets and pillows and told us, “Sleep! Drink! Sit down! Do you want food?” I’ve never seen anything like it. I give thanks to the Creator of the World, and to all of you. You have been such good shlichim. The nurses don’t rest for a minute. I’ve never seen anything like it. You’ve got to come visit…They really know how to talk with children.

Also the director of surgery, Professor Yoffe, what a wonderful man. What a smiling face, what patience. This is rare, this is rare. It makes me happy to see a hospital like this in the South of Israel.

Please continue to pray for a full and immediate recovery for father Shimon Machlof ben Miriam, mother Daniella bat Zahava, and their children Nachman ben Daniella, and Miriam bat Daniella


  1. What a beautiful woman! It’s worth listening till the end.
    Thanks Jenny!

  2. Thank you jenny i always wondered how was Rav Arush´s wife and i am not disapointed; she seems to be a radiant woman, a prof that they live what they teach! And she shows that one can be very dedicated to her husband and have a string personnality at the same time! Thank you

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