A Miracle! Arush Family Released from Hospital by Rachel Tzipporah Avrahami

A Miracle! Arush Family Released from Hospital by Rachel Tzipporah Avrahami

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I have beyond incredible news – Reb Shimon Arush and his family – all four of them – left the hospital today (Wednesday)!!! Outright miracles!!!

That being said, it is not easy. The family still needs treatments (I don’t know details) and physical support, especially since neither parent is strong and healthy enough to deal with 2 healthy kids, let alone 2 sick kids just out of the hospital.

Additionally, emotionally, now the reality of little Faige Chana z”l is really hitting them – I spoke today with Daniella, and my husband with Reb Shimon, and both of us felt the same thing after getting off the phone – they both sounded really weak, like we could hardly hear them. Hardly themselves. But Reb Shimon was really strong with my husband: “Rak Todah. Rak Todah” – “Only thank you. Only thank you”

I hear Harav Arush in my head over and over again: thank you Hashem that the rest of the family is alive. That in the merit of Faige Chana z”l, who was taken as a sacrifice for all of Klal Yisrael, they are alive to live through this suffering in the first place. Alive. And out of the hospital. We should not deny the good done for us, even as we are in pain over our loss.

Harav Arush was very strong in his class tonight. He said that one way or another, a person must speak to Hashem.

If you are not at the level of emuna to say thank you for everything, OK. So go to Hashem and say “It hurts me. It is hard for me. I don’t understand. Give me emuna. Give me the emuna to say thank you.” But go to Hashem!!! Maybe you can’t do something, but you can pray for the will to do it. Go to Hashem and say “I WANT to do this.” The only true free choice (bechira) that we have is our will, our good desires. The success (or failure) is only up to Hashem, but we can choose what we want, what we yearn for.

Holy yearning is the highest thing. In a class for Rebbe Nachman’s yahrtzeit a few years ago, Rabbi Arush spoke about the tremendous importance of good will and yearning for holiness, for emuna, for Hashem.

Our yearning creates angels which run around the world. A person can run into that angel, and suddenly, that angel wakes up and desires what you yearned for! Even the biggest rasha (evil person), if he runs into that good will you created, and he has just a single thought of teshuva – just a thought!- of doing teshuva – all his sins are erased, and now he can truly do teshuva because he doesn’t have harsh judgments on him. In the World to Come, you get the merit of causing this person to do teshuva, and you’re like – I don’t know him! Yes, but he did teshuva because of your desire!

So don’t get frustrated if you want to do something, and it’s not your level.

You want to thank Hashem and not deny the good He did in healing Reb Shimon’s family, but you just can’t get over the pain of losing Faige Chana z”l.

That’s OK. Ask Hashem to give you that level, to give you complete emuna. WANT to be at that level, and do your very best to thank Hashem.

Even if you don’t succeed in having emuna when you see suffering, don’t let the Evil Inclination get you down. Your holy will, and prayers to fulfill that mitzvah in the future, are so precious. More precious, in fact, than even doing that mitzvah devoid of ratson–will.

In whatever you do or don’t accomplish, the main thing is the will!


  1. As someone who lost a baby I don’t agree with the statement that the baby is a sacrifice for all of Am Yisrael. Why place that burden on her neshama or on the family? The reality is that this family will have to feel this loss for the rest of their lives.

    Refuah shleima u’mehira!

    • The opinion that the baby is a sacrifice for Am Yisrael and the family is only a means of giving meaning to her death. No parent would choose to live at the expense of their child! Obviously here, Hashem made the choice and of course they will feel the loss forever. We still have to acknowledge that Hashem’s ways are good even if we can’t feel or see it.

  2. No one, no matter how seemingly righteous they may be, should be telling us why things happen. Only Hashem knows. No one else, though they may think they have some idea. If we knew all this, there would be no free choice. I am tired of reading statements about why tragedies occur. It is simply Hashems will. We don’t need to go beyond that. How we choose to accept tragedy is very personal and is between each person and Hashem. I dot want to be told how I should feel!!
    Lauren I am sorry you need to hear these things. People who are comforted by these kinds of thoughts think that all people will be….
    For many years I lived according to this “angel” mentality and reading messages into every ant that crossed my path and I nearly lost my mind….

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