Release Your Worries about Your Kids For 1 Day (6-Minute Inspirational Video)

Release Your Worries about Your Kids For 1 Day (6-Minute Inspirational Video)

All moms worry, right?

Not necessarily.

Don’t miss this awesome video by my friend and neighbor, Noga Hullman of, which provides a simple but powerful technique to stop worrying about your kids.

Way to go, Noga!!!


  1. I am posting my comment on here for that video on Noga’s website as it says I need to log into Facebook to comment and I don’t have Facebook.

    “This came at a great time for me (I got it through Except I don’t worry about my kids, I worry about myself. I’ve been having mouse scares in my bedroom. We’ve put poisons all over and little plug inserts that are supposed to scare the mice away, but then a week later, it was noticeable that a mouse had returned again. I have a HUGE phobia of mice, which makes my stress/anxiety level zoom up whenever I need to enter my room. Which is often, because I have a 4 month old who naps up there all day.
    Here’s how I started working on my Rabbi Nachman motto. I hung up a sign by my bedroom door. It says C.A.T. It stands for Calm. Accept. Trust.
    Now whenever I go to my room, I stop and meditate on this for a bit. The trust part resonates the most in me. Trust is thinking Ain Od Milvado, there is nothing besides for Hashem.
    I am combating my mouse fear with my own personal C.A.T. “

  2. This was great! Thank you for introducing us to Noga. At difficult times I remind myself that this is where Hashem wants us to be, and it helps. I liked the uplifted bubble visuaization. Very calming.

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