Jerusalem Mayor Apprehends Terrorist

Jerusalem Mayor Apprehends Terrorist

This past Sunday afternoon, 26-year-old Avraham Goldshmidt, a yeshiva student and father of 4 from Beitar, was returning from visiting his parents in the Old City when he was stabbed by a Palestinian terrorist next to the Jerusalem municipality. Goldshmidt protected himself by hitting the terrorist with his tefillin bag. At that moment, Jerusalem mayor Nir Barkat, was driving by on the way to a meeting at the municipality. What happened next was pretty incredible (you can watch the footage in the videos below). Lazar Berman of the Times of Israel reported:

“Barkat, visible in his white shirt, marches in from the right with his security team. Guns drawn, the bodyguards on both sides of Barkat order the Palestinian man to drop his knife, which he does.

“The video then shows Barkat lunging at the attacker and bringing him down with the help of his bodyguards.

“The mayor then approaches the victim, who can be seen standing in the intersection, and sits him down on the sidewalk.

“The assailant was an 18-year-old Palestinian who was residing illegally in Israel.

“Barkat told Channel 2 he was on the way to the municipality headquarters for a meeting when he saw the attack unfold.

“Asked whether he had considered that the attacker might injure him, and score a certain propaganda victory, Barkat said he hadn’t given the notion a thought and that he had acted “instinctively.”

Late Sunday night, Barkat visited Goldshmidt in his hospital room at Shaarei Tsedek Medical Center. Goldshmidt told the mayor,”I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. What you did was a humane act,” as he thanked him over and over while shaking his hand.
Goldshmidt continued, “The humane act you did for me [wasn’t just subduing the terrorist]. It was actually the fact that you placed a blanket over me.”

Barkat responded simply, “When you were lying on the ice, it was cold.”

Wow, Nir Barkat, I am proud to have you as my mayor!

(You can see Barkat in the footage of the attack…he is the one wearing a white shirt).

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