Men at the Supermarket:)

Men at the Supermarket:)

husbands super


  1. Ilana Solomon

    This is laugh out loud funny!

  2. Yes!!! This says it all. I see this in the store and ask myself if it is really worth it for the mom at home. She sure is not saving time as she makes her hubby’s shopping trip into a play-by-play tutorial, so she can avoid (as I have experienced) Hubby bringing home 5 potatoes when she asked for 5 lbs, or apple cider vinegar when she wanted apple cider. OY! I don’t go a week without getting stopped by a head-scratching husband at the grocery store, asking me if I know what a parsnip is, or the advantages of this kind of onion over that kind. I think the funniest (or maybe the weirdest) is the husband pushing the wagon down the aisle while saying to me – he is definitely looking right at me – “What kind of crackers should I buy – the one with seeds or regular?” And I am like “Excuse me?” and then I see the Blue Tooth thingy in his ear.

  3. Savta ima – that is so funny!

  4. my friend mrs. m. used to say. “a man goes shopping, he needs just 2 hands, a woman goes shopping, she needs a wagon”. i give my husband a list but he still brings home less than is written. why? he doesn’t know where the product is or he just got too tired of the whole ordeal. this photo really says it all.
    thanks for posting

  5. Never ask them to shop unless you’re desparate!! I mean really, how did we MANAGE without cell phones??!!

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