1 Minute a Day to a Better Life (8-Minute Mommy Peptalk)

1 Minute a Day to a Better Life (8-Minute Mommy Peptalk)

Is there an aspect of your life you would like to change? Then don’t miss the 72 Days of Kindness, starting this week.


  1. Have you discussed this with your children? I want to have a discussion with mine and tell them about it, because one of my daughters has actually told me that she is the quietest in her class and she’d love to work on that not being the case. (She’s 8.) I thought it would be nice to talk about this with everyone and see if anyone wants to take this journey with me.

    I think two years ago when you talked about it, I worked on enjoying my kids more/not being as overwhelmed with them. And I remember it working, it’s been so long ago that I cant tell you details. I’m going to think of something to work on for this year… it’s hard to pinpoint one aspect of all the million of things I’d love to be better in!

  2. Thanx so much for that pep talk!I always relate to how you feel about things.. I am in Rabbi Nivins chabura but didnt join up for the extra sessions so I was really happy to hear a brief review of what he talks about in those classes. And of course I will be taking something small on myself till shevuos!

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