The Chocolate Pudding Commandments

The Chocolate Pudding Commandments

Yesterday I asked my 7-year-old Yoel and his sister to go to the corner store to pick up some chocolate puddings for our daily Pesach breakfast.

When he got home, Yoel informed me with a proud smile, “Eema, when I bought these puddings, I observed one of the ten commandments!”

“Oh yeah? Which one?”

“You shall honor your father and mother!” Yoel called out in a booming voice.

“Right,” I nodded, “that’s true.”

Yoel placed a pudding by each of his siblings’ plates, and then he looked up at me with an even bigger smile and said, “I also observed more of the 10 commandments when I went to the buy the puddings this morning!”

“Yeah, really? Which ones?” I was curious to hear.

And then Yoel informed me…

“At the corner store, I didn’t commit idolatry….”

“I didn’t use Hashem’s name in vain…”

“I didn’t murder anyone…”

“I didn’t commit adultery…”

“I didn’t steal…”

“I didn’t bear false witness against my neighbor…”

“And I didn’t covet anyone’s ox or anything else at all even once!”


Chag kasher va’Sameach!


  1. Omg, hilarious

  2. Thank for a very needed laugh. 🙂 may Hashem let your Yoel always be a great source of happiness for everyone in his life.

  3. Lots of nachas! He is right!

  4. That is adorable!! What a cutie.

  5. Just shows how his teacher made what he is learning real for them.

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