The Unique Connection (2-Minute Tissue-Alert Video)

The Unique Connection (2-Minute Tissue-Alert Video)

An experiment showing the special bond between mother and child. 12 million views so far, and soon you’ll know why. Thanks so much to Rachel Batya Aviner for sending this my way….

Recommended for women and girls only


  1. please tell me why you wrote “Recommended for women and girls only”?

    • JewishMom

      some men visit this site, so I put that warning for them to alert them that there are women in video not dressed 100% in accordance with halacha.

  2. I respect you Chana Jenny for retaining that sensitivity. Unfortunately, it is fading fast.
    You now see calendars (for example) obviously meant for both men and women where some women are not tzniusdik. Jewish men are not allowed to look at those pictures.

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