Frozen Scrambled Eggs

Frozen Scrambled Eggs

It’s happened to me more than once.

I make scrambled eggs for a child, but I’m in too much of a rush to wait for them to cool down, so I balance the plate of scrambled eggs on top of the ice cream and veggie hotdogs in the freezer.

And then the phone rings and someone comes to the door and a certain child needs a diaper change URGENTLY, and the next time I remember about the scrambled eggs cooling in the freezer is a week later when I go looking for the ice cream.
Yesterday I was rushing somewhere when I saw somebody I haven’t see in a few years.

At first, I slowed my pace to walk with her, and enjoyed getting an update on her kids and life.

But I was in a rush, so after two or three minutes I excused myself, and sped ahead of her, leaving her way behind…

Until I had to wait for the light to turn into a green walking man, and before long my long-lost friend was standing at my side.

And I realized, I could have enjoyed another minute of conversation with her, but chose to eat frozen scrambled eggs instead.
It’s not easy for me. But sometimes I make an effort to slow down.

This morning I walked by a house I rush by every single day on the way to Tsoofy’s gan, and for the first time ever I noticed the breathtaking explosion of flowers cascading down from its upper porch. I had never even seen them before!
And last night, I went walking on a street I’ve walked on hundreds of times, and for the first time I noticed the glow from a yeshiva’s crowded library of holy books—like the fire of Torah shining out and lighting up the world’s darkest corners. And then I noticed the name of the yeshiva—Me’or HaTorah, the light of torah!
How many similar wonders have I missed because I was rushing by, racing to make drop-off time, pick-up time, appointment-time, supper-time, bed-time?

What a treat, from time to time, to take a deep breath and sit down and enjoy my scrambled eggs—steaming hot.


  1. So true. Thank you

  2. Devorah

    Beautiful. You write so well.
    This piece is a jewel.
    Inspiring, humorous, authentic, and uplifting.
    Thank you.

  3. Hadassah

    We all need to take the time to ‘smell the roses.’ Especially with children, some respond really badly to being rushed. I am all in favor of schedules and routines but we need to breathe and enjoy life as we go. Finding a healthy balance is important, difficult, and worth it! I love your writing!

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