My Father’s 2 Miracles

My Father’s 2 Miracles

B”H, I wanted to tell you that while my father is still not out of the woods yet, his surgery yesterday at Washington Hospital Center went very well. And I wanted to publicly thank Hashem (and YOU, JewishMOM, who davened to Hashem for my dad) for two miracles my father has experienced over the last month.

Firstly, during yesterday’s operation, the surgeon was surprised to see that the condition of my father’s heart has improved significantly over the last two weeks since his heart attack. This meant that in the end my father needed a smaller surgery than originally planned—involving three chambers of his heart and not four. This should, IY”H, make his return to full health quicker and easier.

Secondly, I wanted to share another miraculous twist to my father’s medical situation.

Before Passover, my father was hospitalized because his pancreas had been producing large amounts of fluid as the result of a previous bout of pancreatitis (inflammation of the pancreas) last fall. In late May, surgeons decided to remove part of my father’s pancreas in order to stop the leaking of fluid. But soon after the surgery, my father experienced a heart attack, which, it turned out, was a huge blessing….

As a result of that heart attack, the doctors discovered something far more dangerous than his leaky pancreas: extremely severe heart disease which was clogging all of the major arteries of his heart!

My father’s father and brother both died from heart disease. But, IY”H, as a result of yesterday’s heart surgery, there is now a very good chance that my father will be able to enjoy many more years of good health.

Hashem’s kindness is often right in front of our noses, but only in retrospect can we open our eyes and see it.
If anyone would have told me last fall that my father’s hospitalization with pancreatitis was a good thing I would have said “NO! IT’S NOT!”

If anyone would have told me that the fact that my father’s pancreas was leaking liters of fluid was a blessing I would have said “YOU ARE NUTS!”

If anyone would have told me that my father’s life-threatening heart attack three weeks ago was the best thing that had happened to him in many years I would have said “YOU ARE DELUSIONAL! THIS IS A NIGHTMARE! FACE REALITY!”

But, in the end, that nutty, delusional person would have been perfectly correct, and I would have been completely wrong.

As the result of that pancreatitis, and that surgery to remove his pancreas, and that heart attack, my dad underwent surgery which will mean he will IY”H soon have a heart as healthy as it is good!

Until 120, please G-d!


  1. Hodu laHashem ki tov! May he continue to improve until completely well.

  2. wishing a continued refua shlaima.

  3. Bracha Goetz

    What a Kiddush Hashem!

  4. Chana Jenny,

    Your father’s healing is a healing for us all because your communicating to so many people helps us all see the hidden but very active hand of Hashem at work.

    Thank you and Good Shabbos to you and your beloved family, and all Israel,

    Chaya Rivka

  5. Amen! You are fortunate to be able to see the positive connection and result of these negative events. We are not always so lucky. We should all see open and revealed miracles that don’t have to be clothed in negative events.

  6. Does your father also recognise the miraculous nature of these events, even if not thru the hand of Hashem?

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