The Fraenkel Family’s Favorite Lullaby

The Fraenkel Family’s Favorite Lullaby

Yeladim Magazine reported that the children of the Fraenkel family, the siblings of Naftali HY”D, have created their own special version of the lullaby “B’Shem Hashem” which shows their ongoing connection with their late brother who was tragically murdered a year ago this month…

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Every night before they go to bed, the Fraenkel kids sing (adding the words in CAPs):

B’shem Hashem, B’shem Hashem, Elokai Yisrael
Mi’Yamini Michael, umi’smolee Gavriel,
Mi’lifanai Uriel, umi’achorai Raphael.
U’Me’al Roshee, me’al Rosee, Shechinat El.

Translated this means:

In the name of Hashem, the L-rd of Israel
On my right is the [the angel] Michael, on my left is Gabriel
In front of me is Uriel, and behind me is Raphael.
And above my head, is the L-rd’s Divine Presence.

The Fraenkels sing this beautiful song three times, and the second and third time they change the words to “GILAD IS WATCHING” AND “EYAL IS WATCHING.”

May Hashem bless this wonderful family from now on with only good news (and thanks so much to my friend Racheli for letting me post these heartwarming family photos)!

Click here to watch a recording of “B’shem Hashem”


  1. Thank you Jenny. For the R’ Shlomo song, too.

  2. what a beautiful post. Tearing up to think about it.

  3. This is really very emotional…

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