New Sefer Torah Written in Honor of Razel Family Miracle

New Sefer Torah Written in Honor of Razel Family Miracle

Six years ago, early on the morning of Israeli Independence Day, we received an urgent call from Moriah’s nursery school teacher. Moriah’s friend, 4-year-old Rivki–the daughter of singer Yonatan and Yael Razel–had suffered a traumatic brain injury and was in critical condition. For the first few days after the accident, it wasn’t clear at all if Rivki would even survive. And even after her condition stabilized it wasn’t clear at all if she would ever walk again or talk again.

I remember the feeling of despair tinged with dread that filled the streets of Nachlaot during those terrible months. I remember speaking with Carol, Rivki’s grandmother, during her morning rounds dropping off her grandchildren at gan, and how she started crying when I asked her about Rivki…

But B”H, we have seen amazing miracles. Today Rivki is a regular, healthy, cheerful 4th grader.

In honor of the miracles they experienced, the Razels commissioned the writing of a Torah scroll for Nachlaot’s Batei Broide Synagogue. The Hachnasat Sefer Torah will take place tonight. Here’s the announcement, all are welcome!

hachnasat sefer torah

“The Good One, Your mercy is endless”
Out of praise and thankfulness to Hashem
We are honored to invite the public to a
Hachnasat Sefer Torah
Which was written by Yonatan HaLevi Razel and his wife [Yael], may Hashem save them and protect them
With gratitude for the great miracles
Which have been done and are being done for us

Which will take place, with G-d’s help
On Tuesday of Parshat Pinchas (the 13 of Tammuz/ June 30th)

Completion of the writing of the letters: by distinguished Rabbis, starting at 6 PM at the Razel home, 14 Ovadia Somech, Nachlaot

Parade with the Sefer Torah: Crowds of people accompanied by a band and torches, will set out at 7:15 PM. Through the streets Agrippas, Shomron, Tavor

To the Batei Broide Synagogue

So, JewishMOM, the next time you feel like there’s no hope, and are on the brink of despair like we were 6 years ago…remember this sign!


  1. dear Jenny, it is therefore exactly(already!!!) six years since i discovered your website, i remember well this accident it was also my first encounter with you!! yechar koah!!! i pray every day for your father!!

  2. Beautiful. B”H

  3. Hodu LaShem Ki Tov! How beautiful!

    May all cholei Yisroel have a Refuah Shleima. Especially Alter Shimon Yechezkel ben Rochel Chana – an 11 yr. old boy from Monsey that was in a car accident & is in a coma. Everyone please keep him in your tefillos.

    Besuros Tovos!

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