The Mikveh Surprise

The Mikveh Surprise

A few years ago a Jerusalem family was doing renovations on their Ein Kerem home when they discovered an ancient mikveh underneath their living room tiles.

When the family recently reported their discovery to the Israel Antiquities Authority, archaeologists confirmed that this large mivkeh dated from the times of the 2nd Temple 2000 years ago. In fact, the mikveh is still charred from the fires which raged throughout Jerusalem around the time of Temple’s destruction.

Photos by Asaf Peretz (Israel Antiquities Authority) and Emil Solmon

Photos by Asaf Peretz (Israel Antiquities Authority) and Emil Solmon

mikveh owner

The chief archaeologist for the Jerusalem region pointed out, “Cases like this, locating antiquities under a private home, can only take place in the land of Israel, and in Jerusalem in particular.”

But when I heard this incredible story about the family that had discovered a mikveh underneath their living room, I thought the opposite.

This Jerusalem family woke up one day and discovered that their home was based on a foundation of purity, holiness, and ancient laws and traditions.

And that is true as well, I hope, of your home and my home and every Jewish home.


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  1. Hadassah

    I love the way you made this relevant to all of us! How beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

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