At New Daughter’s Birth the Brauns Shocked to Discover: the Same Paramedic from Terror Attack

At New Daughter’s Birth the Brauns Shocked to Discover: the Same Paramedic from Terror Attack

When I read this article by Ro’ee Yanovsky from YNet it brought tears to my eyes to read about this incredible “coincidence,” a sweet embrace from Hashem, a subtle wink from behind the curtain diving This World from the Next, as this young couple embraces their newborn baby girl 10 months after losing their firstborn daughter in a terror attack

Here is Ro’ee Yanovsky’s article:

When Shmuel Braun saw the ambulance which had been sent to his home in Jerusalem’s Romema neighborhood in order to assist with the birth of their daughter, he could not believe his eyes. In a special coincidence, the paramedic who arrived in the ambulance was the same paramedic who had treated their daughter, Chaya Zissel z”l, after she was fatally injured in a vehicular attack at Ammunition Hill 10 months ago.


Shmuel and Chana Braun at the site of the terror attack 10 months ago

Shmuel and Chana Braun at the site of the terror attack 10 months ago

Right away, the new father, Shmuel, was shocked when he saw the serial number of the ambulance which had arrived at their home—12. This was the same ambulance which had arrived at the site of the terror attack on Ammunition Hill minutes after [his firstborn baby was hit by a terrorist’s car].

“We received a routine call from a woman giving birth—a birth at home. At the entrance to the building, “ Ziad Viat, a senior paramedic and ambulance driver for Magen David Edom, told Ynet, “ the husband was waiting for us. He was very anxious. He looked at the ambulance and its number—and I didn’t understand why. He began talking about the number 12, but I didn’t really pay attention…”

The ambulance team ran with Shmuel to the couple’s apartment. In the apartment, the wife was alone with a birth coach. “Shmuel ran with us upstairs and we saw his wife. The baby had been born, and we cut the umbilical cord and we gave the mother liquids and then she said to me, ‘I remember you!’ I was a little surprised. She was in shock and she said to me, ‘You are the driver that evacuated us after the terror attack with our first daughter!’ And then she said ‘Thank you very much!’ I went to prepare an IV and then the father embraced me and was kissing me. It was very moving.’”

At that point, Viat remembered who these parents were. “The father Shmuel reminded me about the terror attack 10 months ago, and told me that since then every time he sees the number 12, he remembers his daughter and just prays that nothing like that will happen to any other person. It was very moving, I didn’t really know what to do—to say ‘mazal tov’ or ‘I’m sorry.’ So I wished them ‘Mazal tov!’ and that they should live peaceful lives. Viat then took Chana and her newborn daughter to the hospital…

Chaya Zissel Braun z”l was Shmuel and Chana’s only daughter who was born around a year ago. Shortly after the terror attack Chana became pregnant again.

“We thank HaKadosh Baruch Hu for everything, and for giving us a daughter today,” Shmuel said yesterday by Chana’s hospital bed.
Mazal tov from JewishMOMs everywhere to Chana and Shmuel Braun! May Hashem bless you from this point on with only good news and simchas!

Here is an interview with Viat (it’s in Hebrew…translation within article above)


  1. hashgocha pratis. definitely speechless as I read the article.

    only simchas for this very sweet and special family.

  2. I am confused – how old was the daughter that died in the terror attack? Mazal tov on the newest baby. So glad that this man could help them at their time of simcha.

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