on Vacation until October 7th on Vacation until October 7th

I love working on and creating my posts for you JewishMOMs…but I am finishing up a huge personal project right now and will need to take a few weeks off from daily posting until after Succot.

Curious about my “huge personal project”? Well, I assure you my project is something wonderful and very exciting (and means that in real life I am the polar opposite of the relaxed, vacationing woman in the photo above).

I am looking forward to sharing my big secret with you…


  1. How exciting! We will miss you.

  2. I really thought you would be taking some getting away and relaxing time after summer vacation. hatzlocha on your project, and you should have much siyatta dishmaya to finish it. shana tova u’metuka, a very happy , healthy new year to you and your family.

  3. Hatzlocha with your project. We’ll all miss you here though.
    Shana tova!

  4. Chana Jenny,
    For your incredible posts, which are beautifully written and so deep and touching, I want to thank you and bless you and your family with an amazing year of strength, health, parnassa, creativity, peace, and all good things! Shana Tova!

  5. Shana Tova Chana Jenny! May blessings abound for you in your new home! May it be “rachav” – roomy in every direction! “He also brought me out into a broad place – ” Ps.18:19a. Hurry back to us!

  6. Guess what day this is???!!!! YAY!

  7. I’ve also been checking this site all day!

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