The Too-Long To-Do List (7-Minute Mommy Peptalk)

The Too-Long To-Do List (7-Minute Mommy Peptalk)

Cope with an overwhelming to-do list by defining your priorities.


  1. That was funny bec your example was exactly what I planned on getting done today – cleaning the living room and washing the shabbos dishes!
    And on those days when nothing gets done — are your children happy? Are they wearing clean clothes? Did they eat three meals? Then your day was successful even if nothing on the list got done..

    • good point!

      • Well, what did you end up getting done today at the end??? The white skirt?

        I ended up cleaning up… but dishes are still sitting and it’s 8:20pm with lunches to be made, table to be cleared… maybe.

        • I did all three things– made a meal! bought the white skirt! made a peptalk! got to almost nothing else though…

  2. Well it’s good you got to your main things, otherwise your peptalk would’ve been pointless!

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