President Obama and Baby Ella

President Obama and Baby Ella

I am really, really not trying to make any sort of political statement with this– Democrats vs. Republicans, Obama vs. Whomever.

But I, nevertheless, wanted to share this sweet photo of President Obama holding Ella Rhodes, the infant daughter of US Deputy National Security Advisor, Ben Rhodes, at this year’s White House Halloween party.

What do I love so much about it?

In this photo, you’ve got President Obama–the most powerful man in the world.

Overseer of the world’s largest economy.

Commander in Chief of the world’s largest and most powerful military.

And then you’ve got baby Ella. Who gurgles and makes in her diaper and is so powerless that she has to cry to be lifted out of her own crib.

But Ella owns something which is far greater than anything controlled today by her dad’s boss.

The future.

And did you notice…in this photo of the most powerful man in the world and baby Ella, who’s on top?


  1. hi,
    this is cute…but quite ironic.
    the man who holds the the most powerful position in the world yet chooses to eradicate american values, to create havoc in the world and who is trying very hard to destroy Israel, is holding the future in his arms (literally)!
    i consider him to be the “Haman in our times”.
    would anyone care to describe Haman as “sweet”?

  2. I would love to see the view a little further back: we’d see hundreds of press cameras snapping. You think the president just lay down for a cute moment and got caught by a roving IPhone? I think not….

  3. bs”d I am really not impressed by this evil man holding a baby. And he is also far from being most powerful. And we, am Yisrael, are not even close to being dependent on that guy.
    Only H’ is the king! And He will show the world, hopefully very soon!

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