Doing Renovations in Israel? Read this…

Doing Renovations in Israel? Read this…

Before we did renovations on our new home, we heard a lot of horror stories. People warned us that renovations in Israel are extremely stressful, and that we should plan for them to cost twice as much and take twice as long as planned.

B”H, in the end, we found an incredibly professional and wonderful team of people to do our renovations. The process wasn’t too stressful. They finished right on time. And nearly on budget. And they did an exquisite job on our new home.

If you are going to be doing renovations I would love to repay the favor to our amazing renovations team by recommending them to YOU. If you are doing renovations in the Jerusalem or Tel Aviv area, or the south of Israel, please feel free to be in touch with me for their names and phone numbers.


  1. That is a class act! Hats off to you. We can all learn from your example.

  2. Kol hakavod for sharing your positive experience! We also had a great experience when we renovated. It’s important to share good things from Israeli life, because too often the negative is what gets attention.

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