What was HaRav Elyashiv Like as a Baby?

What was HaRav Elyashiv Like as a Baby?

You know how much Yonatan (who will be a year old in two weeks, mazal tov!) loves his babysitter? Every morning, when I knock on the babysitter’s door, Yonatan turns to me with a big teethy “YAY” smile.

This morning, though, the moment I put Yonatan on the ground to play, the babysitter’s son, 11-month-old Yosef Shalom, grabbed the pear slice Yonatan had been holding in his hand.

A bit of a drama ensued. The babysitter assured me that that morning Yosef Shalom had already eaten a banana, a kiwi, and some apple sauce. And she took the pear from Yosef Shalom. And Yosef Shalom SCREAMED.

And through it all, I was looking at adorable Yosef Shalom and thinking what a cutie he is.

And then I had a weird thought.

Yosef Shalom, like a sizable percentage of Charedi boys under the age of 3, is named after Rabbi Yosef Shalom Eliashiv zt”l.

Rav Eliashiv, you probably know, was considered by many to be the greatest Talmid Chacham and Posek of his generation. THE Gadol Hador.

But when he was 11-months-old, would little Yosele Sholom (AKA HaRav Elyashiv) have grabbed a slice of pear from another baby? And pulled his hair? And stolen his rattle? And screamed his head off when his Eema told him to give it back?


Which made me think that next time a young Weisberg child is driving me nuts, instead of screaming….

I should laugh today, just as I will, looking back, one day.

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  1. Great perspective!!

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