Bye Bye Chanukah :(

Bye Bye Chanukah :(

Here’s a photo Josh took last night of our fully-lit chanukiah…Will be sorry to put it away until next year:(
zot chanukah


  1. Next year comes really fast, y’know…

  2. pardon my ignorance but i’ve never seen a menorah like this, it seems to be separate candles inside glass boxes…?

  3. I’m confused too, aren’t the candles supposed to be in a line?

    • hmmm, I will check…

      • spoke with the posek, and he said you are right (way to go, JewishMOM:) There is a lot of halachic discussion around whether chanukah lights must be straight or if they can be lit on a curve. In this case, however since each flame is visible, it’s halachically permissible.

  4. Do you put it outside or inside the house? Can you buy that kind in America?

    I like it because I am always afraid the kids will nudge the table with the menorahs and watch it like a hawk… not so relaxing 🙂

    • yes, you light this kind outside. I don’t know if they sell them in America, but maybe you could make your own out of a glass aquarium, and glasses full of oil? this year, for the kids who light inside and me, then we lit in the kitchen window–much less stressful than lighting on the living room table as we usually do.

  5. Those boxes outside are typical in Israel. Chutz l’aretz was generally not a ‘safe’ thing because of goyim. But now with public menorah lightings and car menorahs the persumei nesah (publicizing the miracle) I suppose we could do it too. The basic halacha is to put it outside the door to one’s home.

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