The Secret to end the Suffering

The Secret to end the Suffering

On Tuesday night, my birthday, I went to the Kotel to daven and thank Hashem for the 44 years He has granted me on this earth. The following afternoon, two Jews were killed right where I had walked the night before, by Jerusalem’s Old City.

I went to sleep last night and woke up this morning feeling shaken up. Things feel so scary right now, out of control even.

And then I read this…And decided I would try:)
hope collage


  1. Although I’m a little late, happy birthday Jenny! Many more years of healthy, happy, blessed years!

  2. Mazel tov jenny!

  3. although I am as zionist as they get, I must say I admire your bravery. I am not sure if I would go to the Kotel right now, considering the very real and present danger. As a mother of 6 (and you have 8!!) I have such mixed feelings about the current situation: Do I let them “win” and limit my movements to relatively safe places? Or do I throw caution and emotion to the wind and throw my trust in Hashem and just keep doing whatever I want? Where does hishtadlut start and end? When does Emuna become reckless, if ever? I don’t know the answers, but I admire your determination to continue.

    • I hear ya, JewishMOM. I also hadn’t gone for a few months because of the situation, and had mixed feelings even going on my birthday. Not sure it was the right thing to do.

  4. You can’t second guess yourself. It was obviously the right thing to do, since you came home safely. Your going did not provoke the violence towards those that were killed. I don’t think that we can or should barricade ourselves at home. You have to trust Hashem to take care of you even when crossing the street anywhere…. not just in Jerusalem. Some would question living in Israel and not being the right thing, but we know Hashem has His eyes on Israel from start to finish. Keep safe and have hope. Your kids have to go to school, your husband to work, and you have to get out to shop, bank, get little ones to Gan. Just keep a tefillah or holy song handy to sing or say while you go anywhere.

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