The Panic Button (12-Minute Mommy Peptalk)

The Panic Button (12-Minute Mommy Peptalk)

Feel like you are about to flip out at your kids? Do this instead…


  1. Video trouble? Or is it my computer?

  2. Yes, video trouble for me too.

  3. i have found that many of us overworked and overwhelmed mothers are at a loss when it comes to treating ourselves. we should all take a few minutes during a calm-before-the-storm and make a list of things that will be our treats. put the list on the refrigerator, or taped to the inside of our medicine cabinets–someplace easily accessible when under pressure.

    another useful tool is making a list of calming actions. even though i fight with myself to say tehillim daily (and often lose…) i have found that in times of ultimate stress, i reach for my tehillim and start with page one. i just keep reading until i feel some semblance of calm return. there were times when i was so worked up that i couldn’t even focus on the words. at those times, i just repeated 2 kapitlach i knew by heart over and over until i felt calmer.

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