The Lost $8000 Engagement Ring

The Lost $8000 Engagement Ring

Last Thursday, the $8000 engagement ring of a Jerusalem woman who will be getting married next month accidentally fell unnoticed into the trash. When the bride-to-be realized her mistake, the family ran in a panic to the trash dumpster, only to discover that the trash had already been taken away by a garbage truck.

The bride’s distraught family called the municipality, which agreed to empty out the contents of the garbage truck by a city warehouse.

The bride’s sister posted the note below on various neighborhood bulletin boards, begging Jerusalemites for their assistance in finding the ring–the garbage equivalent of finding a needle in a haystack.

The sister implored: “An engagement ring worth 6000 pounds [$8541] belonging to a bride who will be getting married next month has been lost. Please, if anyone would agree to come to search for it inside the garbage truck (it is definitely in there!) which is parked in Givat Shaul.”

trash note

Before long, news of the lost ring had spread across the internet. Dozens of volunteers spent hours searching through the contents of the garbage truck, but to no avail.

One generous jeweller, who heard of the bride’s anguish, even offered to give her a replacement ring free of charge.

But in the end, it wasn’t necessary. It turned out that on Friday, a man walking by the trash dumpster in Geula, discovered the ring beside the dumpster. He didn’t know how to return it to its owner until, on Shabbat, a family member mentioned the bride’s story, and the man put two and two together, and after Shabbat, returned the ring to the bride’s family.

Did I ever mention how much I LOVE living in Israel?

B”H, Mazal tov!


  1. Wow. That is precious! No pun intended! 🙂
    Best wishes for the bride to be. May we hear lots of good mazel from her !

  2. I’m curious to hear about the future chasan’s reaction when it seemed like the ring was lost forever…

  3. i would not want to own a piece of jewelry worth that much. it would give me so much anxiety. not worth it (to me)

  4. Rishe! Come on! I would love to own it and then, when I marry off my first daughter I will exchange it for money and have half of the wedding expenses covered! Just joking! M’an D’yehev Chaya, Yehev Mezoinah! ( HE WHO gives life, gives the money to live) Dont worry. Hashem will provide for me without my ideas…
    I for one, sadly lost my diamond ring. It was a $1000 peice probably. My sisters in law kept on asking me why I dont wear it, and I always said something else. Till one day I decided; My husband was an orphan, I never merited to see his mother. Its enough that I dont have a mother in law! I still have to give excuses for a lost jewelery peice? I myself was missing it badly because I loved it. Why go through this inquisition by every simcha? I have fiteen sisters in law so this was not an easy plight. But, I manged to let each one of them know that I lost my diamond ring! yes! And now can we continue enjoying the simcha with other subjects? Thank you.

  5. I heard a radio interview with the man who found the ring – I think it was on Galei Tzahal. THe interviewer asked the man- what went throught your head when you found the ring? Did you think, even for a minute, wow look what I found. I could keep this.
    The man answered – chas veshalom. I was just wondering how am I ever going to find out who this belongs to.

    • maybe it was his earnest worrying which put that whole series of events on the roll which led to him hearing about it and able to return it…..

  6. I had a lovely diamond ring, my grandmother’s about $5000, I was always so anxious about losing it. once coming home from mikveh, I couldn’t find the ring. the whole house and myself included was in such a tumult trying to find the ring, to the point that the shalom bayis was disrupted. so much for going to mikveh. Not a happy evening.
    the next day, lo and behold, found the ring, somehow it got tangled inside the bristles of a hair brush – go figure. Afterward, I had other incidents of near losses and great panic with that ring.

    finally decided all the upset and concern wasn’t worth having that piece of jewelry, and quite frankly, wearing that ring here in Jerusalem, was more of a headache, inviting trouble. maybe more appropriate for Manhattan, but not here.
    In the end decided to sell it to someone in the family. With the money I made my first kitchen here in Israel. never regretted the decision! in the end bought a high-quality cubic zircon, not a bad copy not nearly has brilliant as the real version, but if I want sparkle and the real thing,I look up at the heavens and gaze at the mesmerizing beauty twinkling stars!

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