Recovering from Tragedy (12-Minute Mommy Peptalk)

Recovering from Tragedy (12-Minute Mommy Peptalk)

Reflections on people I know coping with extreme challenges.


  1. A beautiful message, Chana Jenny. We can give in to self-pity . . . or just set our hand to the task we’ve been given . . trusting in Hashem all the way. He will guide and provide for everything He asks us to do – whether it is an unexpected event in our day’s schedule – or a life-changing tragedy. What a great encouragement to our hearts is Racheli and others that have suffered so much, yet carry on.

  2. A lovely and very inspiring message! One quibble, though. You mentioned several times that being in the kitchen would be a horrible thing. Is that because he’s a man?

    We spend most of our lives in the kitchen, not just for a year and 9 months, but pretty much forever. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, Shabbat and Yomim Tovim cooking is the center of our lives. Don’t forget, many, if not most, famous chefs are men, and they all had to start out scrubbing pots and chopping a million carrots. Don’t put down kitchen work, it’s an honest and worthy avoda!

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