A New Song I am Loving: “Saves Me Every Day” by Yishai Rivo

A New Song I am Loving: “Saves Me Every Day” by Yishai Rivo

You know when you get really into a song, and find yourself listening to it over and over and over. Well, that’s what I’ve been doing this week since my daughter told me about this new song by Israeli musician, Yishai Rivo. I love the song’s image of the clouds that will return to wash away all the brokenness of this world when Moshiach arrives, and the reminder that Hashem saves us every single day. I sing the chorus to myself several times a day, and it makes me feel hopeful for what lies ahead.

It’s close to certain, far from being in doubt
And that’s how, these times are making a big deal out of it
But it’s just a matter of time
Until things work out
The expectation is great, the buds are already visible
And that’s how it is, this people won’t let themselves rest
Until Elijah the prophet comes

And in the end, it will only be good
and here they are ready, the clouds
That will return and wash everything
And when it’s stuck in the undergrowth, a path of light will be revealed to me
And He pulls me, half against my will,
saving me every single day.

The expectations are great, and the consequences as well
And it’s been years that we’ve been waiting for the redemption
Exactly like those days at this time

זה קרוב לוודאי ,רחוק מלהיות ספק
וככה זה,הזמן הזה עשה מזה עיניין
אבל זה רק עיניין של זמן
עד שיסתדר
הציפיה היא גדולה, הניצנים כבר נראו
וככה זה,העם הזה לא יניח לעצמו-
עד שיבוא אליהו
זכור לטוב

ואיך שהוא בסוף יהיה רק טוב
הנה מוכנים,כמה עננים,
לשוב לשטוף הכל
ואיך שהוא בסבך,נגלה לי שביל של אור
והוא מושך אותי,חצי בעל כרחי,
מציל אותי כל יום

הציפיה היא גדולה ,ההשלכות גם כן
וזה שנים שמחכים לגאולה
ממש כמו בימים ההם
בזמן הזה


  1. This song is AMAZING! I love it too! I also love what you wrote to us, Chana Jenny. Hashem saves every day – I believe this with all my heart. Every day I need Him to avenge, defend, deliver, help, preserve, rescue, and get victory! Thank you for this great hope that you shared.

  2. Okay, I’ve been at this for quite a while now this morning! I looked up every single Hebrew word in the song – to better understand each word . . . and am stuck on this song! I love it! I will sing it every day!

  3. This song is wonderful. Thank you for sharing! Please continue to share music like this that you come across- I love the Hebrew and the words are so meaningful.

  4. Beautiful. Chana Jenny. You are a spiritual vending machine! If not, how would you know to share such a song?
    I feel like he is singing the words that are stuck in all of our mouths. We just cant express them as well as he does.Thats why I appreciate the wording so much.
    Thanks! Good Shabbos.

  5. I went up on the link that came after listening to this song, it took me to a music page. I watched a breathtaking song by this same singer with a video that made me understand that the song is about a sheep amongst wolves. I would love to have the translation of that song. Can anyone please volunteer to translate it for me? Thanks! I will appreciate it so much.

  6. Thanks chana jenny. I love this too. Im always looking for these types of songs that help me recharge my spiritual musical batteries. Would you share with us some of your other favorite songs?

    • I’ll try to think of others…

    • JewishMom

      some of my other favorite singers (I’ll write in Hebrew so you can copy and paste for them)

      אורה ברנס
      אפרת רזאל
      אביתר בנאי
      חנן בן ארי

      in English, their names are Efrat Razel, Ora Baranes, Evyatar Banai, Chanan ben ari

  7. Wow! I must have seen it after the above comments when you already added the English translation. Really beautiful song! Thanks for sharing. May Hashem continue to save each and every one of us – each and every day!

  8. After listening to it many times, one of the lines that is really standing out to me right now is – seeing the trail of light through the thicket!

  9. Thanks chana jenny. Moran, i have to mention ruchama ben yosefs music. She is pure soul!

    • JewishMom

      she should be on my list too!! she’s one of my favorites as well

  10. so beautiful
    thank you soooooooo much

    i looked him up
    he has another awesome one called hanisayon hazeh
    plus many other amazing meaningful songs

  11. Love it!! Here is the song that I keep playing about geulah coming with the most amazing video. Here are the words as well. בימים ובלילות חיפשתי את שאהבה נפשי
    וכאילו הכל נעלם
    ברחובות הומים אדם אפשר להרגיש את זה
    אומרים זו גאולה הנה הנה זה בא
    וכשהלב כמעט נשבר שרוע על אדמת ניכר
    איילת השחר מפציעה
    קול דודי דופק הגיע כבר הזמן הנה הנה זה בא
    כך גאולתן של ישראל בתחילה קמעה קמעה
    כל שהיא הולכת היא הולכת ורבה
    חיפשתי אמונה, חיפשתי מנוחה, רציתי רק תשובה
    שומרים הסובבים בעיר אמרו חכה תמצא
    על משכבי בלילות שוב אותם קולות
    אומרים זו גאולה הנה הנה זה בא
    וכשהלב כמעט נשבר שרוע על אדמת נכר איילת השחר מפציעה
    קול דודי דופק הגיע כבר הזמן הנה הנה זה בא
    “בשעה שמלך המשיח בא עומד על גג בית המקדש… ואומר: ענווים, הגיע זמן גאולתכם.

  12. Devora – I love this song too! Thanks for sharing with us. What a beautiful picture these words paint!

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