The Jew Saved by a Cholent Egg

The Jew Saved by a Cholent Egg

The Ben Ish Chai once told a story about a Jew who wanted to convert to Islam. But before he converted, he was required by law to meet with a rabbi.

The rabbi asked him, “Do you like your mother’s Cholent?”

The young man, not understanding the point of the question, said yes.

“You should know that if you leave Judaism, you will never ever taste a cholent egg like you eat in your mother’s house with that special taste of Shabbat.”

And that Jew decided to stay a Jew.


  1. Savta Ima

    Great! Don’t trivialize this – I was partial witness to a similar story. As a teenager i was eating a Shabbos meal at the home of a prominent Rav/ Rosh Yeshiva who was magical at bringing people to Torah commitment. Also at his crowded table, along with many bachurim, was a woman who was visiting her son at the Yeshiva – a non-observant lady. When the Rebbetzin brought in the fish course, the Rabbi boomed – “Ahh the Rebbetzin’s gefilte fish!” Then he zeroed in on this one visitor across the table and added, “Mrs. Cohen, if you try the Rebbetzin’s fish, guaranteed you will become religious!”
    Everyone chuckled. I don’t know what brought that story back to mind a couple of months ago, but I mentioned it to an old friend who was a bachur there all those years ago. Surprise – he was also sitting at the table that night and remembered this. Then he added (goose bumps here, folks) – “And it worked!” What did he mean? After some time passed this same lady moved to be near her son, became religious, and is now a neighbor of the guy I was talking to. He sees her all the time. It was indeed the Rebbetzin’s fish!

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