Another Gift I Want to Give out this Purim

Another Gift I Want to Give out this Purim

We all know that on Purim we distribute mishloach manot to our friends and matanot evyonim to the poor.

But Rabbanit Tzvia Eliyahu added another gift we should give out on Purim…if you see another person, she says, who is down or struggling or in need (of shalom bayit, of parnasa, of fertility, of anything!) then this Purim give them the gift of a sincere blessing and a smile.

And I’m also going to try not to forget this year, that no matter how stressed out I am and busy I am and overwhelmed I am between the Mishlochai Manot and the Matanot l’Evyonim and the Megila reading and the festive meal, I will deliver a heartfelt smile to my sticky, sugar-high-y children as well.

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  1. A very happy and joyous Purim to you and all your family and blog readers! Take time to say a prayer for whatever you need.

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