Passover According to my 3-Year-Old

Passover According to my 3-Year-Old

My 3-year-old Yaakov said a lot of interesting and entertaining things this Passover.

One day, Yaakov informed me, “Eema, when I was in Egypt, many, many years ago, I was a locust,” and then he launched into a rousing rendition of “Avadim Hayinu.”

Another day, he asked Josh to take the skin off his piece of chicken. The Hebrew word for skin (עור) is pronounced the same as the word for light (אור), so Yaakov declared, “This is chicken of darkness, this is what the Egyptians ate!”

At one meal, when someone mentioned Walden Pond author Thoreau, Yaakov responded, “He was a very bad man, who forced the Israelites to build the pyramids!”

And another day, when Yaakov requested something to drink, I asked him whether he wanted a little or a lot. He responded, with the tone of someone explaining the obvious: “It’s Passover, Eema. 4 cups!”


  1. Sharona

    He is a really sharp kid! I cannot imagine a 3 year old saying those things. It must be hilarious.

  2. The other day when my 4.5 year old was really mad at me, she announced she was going to dress up like a goy and go to Egypt. I guess that’s kind of like the religious kid’s version of running away from home…?

  3. i think your Yaakov has something there…..
    i remember having to read “Walden Pond” in 9th grade and feeling oppressed. kinda like having to build a pyramid with bricks. yeah, i definitely see the allusion.
    much nachas from them all!

    • JewishMom

      good point:) thanks tamar

    • Hadassah

      I think he misheard the word Thoreau – and heard paroah. Kids will interpret what they hear according to what they know. I was teaching about a cave and the five year olds heard cage – since that was what they were familiar with. I am sure he had no literary intentions – even if they may be correct.
      He sounds like a real cutie! lots of nachas from them all.

  4. eze matok!!
    may you have lots of nachat from him and all of your children 🙂

  5. Dick Kleiman

    Was that supposed to be “chagavim hayinu”?

    It squelches their imagination and probably really hurts not to be listened to.
    Much nachus & patience

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