What I am Loving About this Summer Vacation

What I am Loving About this Summer Vacation

Every day this month I have looked at the calendar and thought something like: “the 9th of August, only 22 more days until school starts!” I salivate at the thought of September 1st, and with it the return of kidless mornings, which (on account of our trip and then babysitter-break August) have eluded me all summer.

But there are certain things I am loving about this summer vacation. And maybe most of all, the fact that this entire summer vacation there has been no morning rush. No alarm clock twinkling me awake at 6:45 AM. No tired kids to wake up, dress, feed, and send off or take anywhere.

Instead, we can wake up whenever we want, get dressed whenever we want, and leave the house whenever we want–or, alternatively, not leave the house at all.

The maple-syrup sweetness (can you tell I just spent two weeks in Canada?) of my rush-less mornings reminded me of something…

The Talmud says that women merit the World to Come in two ways: by waiting for our husbands to return home from learning and by taking our children to school.

This summer I am appreciating just how hard I usually work all year long to get my kids out of the house and to school.

And I appreciate that the Talmud (and Hashem) appreciate just how very hard we JewishMOMs work to make that happen.


  1. That’s funny you sent this post. I was just rehurshing with my kids the morning routine of the school year. Starts with “good morning and a gentle massage” then goes on to “i woke you 5 times already, I am not doing it again” “don’t be lazy, look for matching socks” “bus is here, you gotta go go go!” Kids thought this was funny. So I am also appreciating the extra sleep this summer. 🙂

  2. oh me too! me too!

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