I Ate Bacon Last Night for the 1st Time in 24 Years

I Ate Bacon Last Night for the 1st Time in 24 Years

Over the last year, I’d been noticing “facon” (fake bacon) all over the recipes appearing in Jewish American magazines.

And I really wanted to try some.

The tastes of my childhood, my primordial memories of food, include parsely dipped in salt water from seder night, gefilte fish with that opaque jelly from the Beth Am kiddush, and the taste of BLTs from Sunday lunches with my parents and brother at the China Pearl on Park Heights Ave.

Since I started keeping kosher 24 years ago, while the parsley and gefilte fish have remained in my diet, bacon has gone the way of (my formerly beloved) chicken-cheese chimichangas and Friday night movies. And truth is, I’ve missed it!

So last night, Josh and I checked out the new restaurant a bunch of our old friends from Nachlaot opened up next to the Shuk called “Crave: Gourmet Street Food.” The food was DELICIOUS, full of so many cool and innovative flavors and ingredients we never tasted before. Josh and I want to go back every week to work our way through the menu.

And at Crave, Josh and I ate bacon (from lamb) for the first time in two and a half decades. And yes, it was worth the wait.

And it makes me think of all the kosher pleasures Hashem has created that bring us joy in life.

TED talks, and long walks, and fun Shabbat meals hanging out with family, and books and magazines to read when we are bored, and friends to chatter with on playground benches on long afternoons.

And facon, as well, is somewhere high up there.


  1. Good ol’ Sunday FLTs

  2. I so admire you for admitting on social media that you actually MISS the tastes of your past ….your unkosher past.

  3. Chasiddus in Tanya explains that saying you miss something but cant have it rather then the common attitude saying it’s not something you desire is actually a higher level to attain to plus the fact that only one who has actually done the specific non permitted act is actually on a higher level then a tzadik who never erred being that they can rectify fully and thus truly elavate that specific act to an act of holiness by saying they muss it but cant indulge because the torah doesnt allow!

  4. I loved bacon back then. Nothing to hide about! Γ€nd miss it. However just recently someone bought me pareve bacon bits
    Not so healthy but ocassionally l use them last night cauliflower chowder with bacon bits and sprinkled cheese. Yummy!

  5. I find that difficult to digest!
    As an FFB just the thought of tasting the flavour of a non kosher product gives the creeps.

  6. As an FFB I’ve always wondered what the taste of bacon, ham, lobster is really like…not the fake stuff.Just curious, because it is in all the books I read growing up, and they seem to be a staple of non-kosher meals.
    BH I’m not seriously tempted, and yes, the non-kosher aspect of it is a major turn-off, as is the artery-clogging aspect.
    However, I totally get the nostalgia of the BTs.

  7. Funny, I just read that “crab” cakes won some sort of award at KosherFest. I wondered whether they had people who had actually tasted REAL crab cakes to do the judging…

    • that’s another thing I miss! If there’s a kosher version I would love to try some!

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