Yaakov’s Surprising Announcement

Yaakov’s Surprising Announcement

Last night, in the middle of the bedtime rush, 4-year-old Yaakov took me aside and told me: “Eema, I want to be a sofer stam [a scribe].

“Please buy me a quill. Not any feather from around the house, a special quill from the special store for scribes.”

“And please buy me parchment. You don’t have to go to the zoo and kill a cow. Just buy parchment at the store for scribes.”

“And most important of all,” Yaakov said, his eyes wide open and right index finger extended for emphasis, “is to buy me ink. Ink is the MOST IMPORTANT THING OF ALL FOR A SCRIBE!”

“Please,” Yaakov continued, “buy me a Torah scroll, and I will pray from my Torah scroll, because that is what scribes do!”

“And on the front door you will hang a sign that says ‘In the Weisberg family there is a scribe who loves Fireman Sam!”

“And also, Eema…”

“Yes, Yaakov?”

“Please buy me a drum.”

One of the drawbacks to having a mother who is a writer is that as soon as Yaakov completed his demands, I had to stop right then and there, in the middle of the bedtime rush, and write all this down and send it out to my entire family.

My husband’s response? “Jenny, I have a feeling this might be what our prayers sound like to G-d.”


  1. this is purely awesome.

  2. Love this!

    My husband’s response? “Jenny, I have a feeling this might be what our prayers sound like to G-d.”

    So true.

  3. Adorable! What did you answer him?

  4. Sharon Saunders

    Yaacov, you shana punim, you will make a great sofer!
    Glad he told you that you needn’t kill the cow!

  5. My husband dabbled in safrut for a short time and it’s possible we might have some scraps of klaf lying around, and a feather… I can ask him if he’d be willing to do a chessed and give it to a little, aspiring sofer… Email me 🙂

  6. Beautiful!
    And your husband’s comment is right on.

  7. Yael Maizels

    Glad to know my son isn’t the only one who loves Fireman Same. But he wants to be a mohel (following his father).

  8. Thanks for sharing. Much better ambition than wanting to be Batman or other super heroes. His class must have had a discussion about safrus for him to be so informed. Nachas!

  9. Lol! Thanks for a good laugh! I think its wonderful that you stop to appreciate the adorable moments even during the bedtime rush. And that you record them for us! Shep tons of nachas :).

  10. that is sosososo cute and sweet : )

  11. Is this the son whom you wrote about how your daughter had a dream of a sefer Torah when you were expecting him (I remember reading something about a sefer Torah dream a loong time ago)?

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