Thomas Edison’s Mother (1-Minute Inspirational Video)

This video brings tears to my eyes every time I watch it. What a powerful reminder of the impact of a mother’s words and belief in her child.


  1. Roberta Carasso

    Edison used to deliver newspapers on trains when he was young. One day, a porter kicked him off by pulling at his ears. He became deaf in that ear, which certainly did not add to his abilities to communicate.

    His mother is the story’s true hero. All good mothers whose love for each of their children sees the limitless ability hidden deep within each.

    It was Thomas who invented the light bulb, but it was his mother, Mrs. Edison who turned on the light.

    This story is making me cry. For lack of vision into a child’s ability, how many light bulbs were never turned on?

  2. Roberta Carasso

    I read Edison, but that was not his picture. But then again, Good Old Isaac and Good old Tom, were both geniuses.

    So the story is probably true about Mrs. Newton as well as Mrs. Edison. BRAVO FOR MOMS for seeing their children as they really could be.


  3. Thank you!

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