The Night was Born

The Night was Born

It is pretty exciting and wonderful and SURREAL, being at the epicenter of this awesome website making waves in hearts and home around the Jewish world.

But started out smaller than small, just a flicker of a dream that popped into my mind late one night, 8 years ago.

At the time, my e-mail chavruta of almost a decade, Sara Debbie Gutfreund, and I were learning Rabbi Noach Weinberg’s 48 ways. Maybe for the second time? I loved the 48 ways so much, I printed them up and had them bound into a book.

An e-mail chavruta means that Sara Debbie and I both read a few pages of a Jewish book, and then we email each other to share our thoughts about what we read. I usually do my reading and Emailing sometime between 11:30 and midnight, when I am falling-off-my-feet tired.

And one night, 8 years ago, around 11:42, I read Rabbi Weinberg’s question: “What is YOUR dream?”

And I knew the answer. My dream, in addition to the regular dreams of every Jewish mother, was this: to inspire other Jewish mothers–so they would be happier moms and people.

At the time I was writing freelance articles for various Jewish websites and newspapers. General inspirational stuff.

And I realized that while freelancing was fine, I wasn’t achieving my dream.

So that same month, I started a simple wordpress blog called (I thought it was too expensive, but Josh insisted we pay the $100 to buy the URL).

And at the beginning, for the first year or so, I would post articles which would reach a few dozen mothers.

And that grew, over the years, to a few hundred mothers.

And then, b”H, to thousands…

And it all started from a thought, a dream which I had one night.

And b”H my dream came true, thanks very much to you and you and you!


  1. A few years ago I found you when I wanted to switch my home page to something uplifting rather than the default depressing news site.Thanks for having a dream that adds so much to my life.

  2. Thank-you for being the only website I can come to knowing that I’ll leave happier, won’t have to read lashon hara and will have more energy for my day-to-day life!

  3. Yes! Mazel tov, and thank YOU!

  4. Thanks for the inspiration! It’s a site that makes all mothers, Jewish and non-Jewish, recognize that we are all going through the same journey. We all have the same concerns, ups and downs, and common goal to raise our kids well. And we all need a safe place to find validation and inspiration.

  5. I cannot remember how I came across this site, but I do know, that even though I am not Jewish, still, you have made me feel right at home and welcome. I look forward to checking in each day, and being inspired and stirred with your wonderful posts. Thank you!

  6. Chana Jenny, you certainly are achieving that dream! Thank you for all the inspiration and reminders to stay connected to what is real… 🙂

  7. I’m right behind you! It’s very encouraging that your inspiring, little blog grew so big. How nice to have an online community of like-minded Jewish mothers!

  8. Mazal tov!!
    I’M so happy to have you! Igual read your Brooks atención least twice and confort me so much in my personal mothering path…. It is so inspiring!!
    Thank u so much

    Now i am beginning my New project…a nutritional site with torah thougts…in spanish ( sorry about that!) hope to have hatzlaja as you do

    Shabat shalom

  9. Thank you so much for spreading your love and light around the world! May you continue to have hatzlacha in all your endeavors for the good! And we all continue to benefit from all that you are offering healthy and happy until 120!

  10. Chana jenny i discovered your site 6 years and a half ago with an article about a little rivka friend of your moriah xho had fell from a high balcony at yom haatsmaout! Since then you have been my favorite site along with rabbi brody¨s and i almost daily read your articles or reread ancient ones. You have been with me when i made alyah 3 years ago encouraging me with your enthusiastic articles about israel and your israeli kids, and i have followed the birth of tsoofi yaacov and yonatan which are also closed to the burth of my fourth fifth and sixth babies! My dream is to meet you!

  11. Well thank Gd you asked that question, so many of us would be missing out otherwise AND thank you for sharing this story as well: how many of us still need to ask yourselves “what is MY dream?”.

  12. Thank you, Chana Jenny, for sharing the birth of your dream.

  13. Mazal tov! Continue in good health!

  14. Thank you for making your dream a wonderful reality!

    I read all your posts and am inspired by all, although I dont always write to say thanks, and how much your writing means to me. I am sure I am part of a mostly silent minority. So, here is a huge THANK YOU for the past and for the future! You are a light and an inspiration to all of us!

  15. Mazal to Chana Jenny!
    As others have said, you are living your dream. That’s not a given (especially in this day and age). You are THE daily source kf inspiration for THOUSANDS of Jewish moms the world over.
    Don’t ever stop writing. Klal Yisrael is depending on you 🙂

  16. Mazel Tov! May your dream continue to flourish, helping ignite dreams of Jewish Moms around the world and giving them the support and inspiration to make their dreams come true.

    May the tremendous success of this dream spill over into all aspects of your life, providing you with an abundance of health, parnasa, and nachas.

    Thank you for being an open and honest friend, reminding me of the value of the mundane in the mothering.

    I hope one day to be able to meet you and hug you in Yerushalayim!

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