The Happy Mom Miracle

The Happy Mom Miracle

I’m planning to share a few miracle stories to get us into the Chanukah spirit.
I just heard this story from a friend, and knew I had to share. This is what she told me:

A few years ago I was feeling really down. I was suffering and my whole family was suffering along with me.

So one day I sat down and made a list of things I could do to feel happier. And I came up with two things.

1. I would like to go to a water aerobics class.
2. I would like to eat some roasted almonds.

These two things might sound silly, but in Israel they also cost quite a bit of money, something which is generally very tight in our home.

So I mentioned my dream list to my husband, and he insisted I treat myself. No matter the cost.

So that next morning I went to the water aerobics and had so much fun, and on the way home I splurged and bought a bag of fresh roasted almonds for the first time in years. I felt recharged and replenished after that morning for many days.

The amazing thing was that the next morning my husband received an Email from a distant relative. He had heard our family was growing and we were struggling financially and he decided to send us a gift of almost $20,000! That made a big difference in our lives that year.

And you know what that gift taught me?

It reminded me that if I had cried over my Sefer Tehillim all night and a miracle like that would have happened, I wouldn’t have been nearly as surprised. Or if I had prayed at the grave of a Tsaddik. Or given tsedaka. Or if I’d done another big mitzvah.

And this experience showed me that taking care of myself so I am a happy person and mother and wife is also a big mitzvah. Hashem knows that, and now because of that $20,000 I finally know it too.


  1. Thats an awesome story

  2. That is one of the most powerful posts ever. An incredible story…. reminds me of the story of rabbi Nachman about the poor man on the ship who has a diamond, so the captain thinks he’s very important and puts him in first class, eats with him every night…. until his diamond goes overboard. The man is desperate not to be found out so he continues to act happy and charming….fast forward to the end when the captain dies and the ship and all its contents is left to the poor man ….. the lesson of the story is to be happy no matter what, what we have is what we are meant to have…. seems like your friend had a modern day version!!
    Really inspiring!!!!
    Ps: I also love how her dreams were really so simple and achievable…. not a holiday in Europe or a diamond ring… really amazing

  3. Penina Greenspan

    Thank you for sharing this very important message!

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