10 Gems from Henny (25-Minute Mommy Peptalk)

10 Gems from Henny (25-Minute Mommy Peptalk)

My 10 favorite quotes from the new book Emuna with Love and Chicken Soup about Rebbetzin Henny Machlis.


  1. Thanks for this, Chana Jenny. You have convinced me to buy the book! Also, I appreciate and agree with your cautions. When children are in the home, I do believe that changes things. Our courageous, welcoming of one and all, should be measured with our family’s safety in mind.

  2. How did Henny protect her kids from molesters or dangerous people when all those strangers inhabited her house?

  3. First, I want to say this is easily the most life changing book i have ever read and if i had the money i would buy a case of them and give them out as gifts. I would like ask you about a comment you made…that if you had a flood and said the things Henny said about it’s all a bracha you would feel fake…with her it was real. So I ask you, how would you get to that level if not from the lower level of saying it from an intellectual level…even though your heart isn’t there yet? Isn’t it kind of like metoch lo lishma, ba lishma kind of thing? real question.
    The other thing I need to address is the part about molesters…although you mentioned that not everyone who’s eccentric is a molester, what’s even more true you did not mention…They have sadly been teachers, rabaim, leaders, and very non eccentric individuals…people children trust..and so we have to unfortunately watch for red flags everywhere.
    Thank you for sharing this amazing book!

    • about your question re the flood–I am not sure. It’s a thin line, for me, between being fake and faking it til you make it. I think now I’m still so far from believing that even flood water is a bracha that it would be more fake than faking til I make it. Maybe at the beginning I could try whispering it to myself when no one is around…wouldn’t want to say not-genuine things around my family.

      you are 100% right about the child molesters, many also come across as completely normative. some are even community leaders.

  4. So inspiring, thanks for sharing! And thanks for the words of caution as well.

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