When I Came Home at the End of the Trip

When I Came Home at the End of the Trip

Today Josh and I went on a trip to Yaffo. There were a bunch of highlights of the trip. Buying a colorful, gorgeous little carpet for our bedroom. Eating at our favorite Hummus place (a delicious meal for 2 for only $5!). Walking along the Mediterranean, a deeper blue today than any blue I’ve ever seen. And, of course, spending several hours enjoying my husband’s company with zero interruptions from any children of any age whatsoever.

In the late afternoon, when I walked up the path to my home, 2-year-old Yonatan, 4-year-old Yaakov, 6-year-old Tsufy, 9-year-old Yoel, and 11-year-old Moriah burst out the front door to greet me.

And then 2-year-old Yonatan, seeing me for the first time since that morning, cried out with more surprise and emotion than I’ve ever heard him express in all of his 25 months: “EEEEEEMMMMAAAAA!”

And at that moment I understood that one of greatest highlights of all of my trip was when it ended at my front door.


  1. How sweet :). Nice to be missed, isn’t it?

  2. For me it would be the chumus place lol

  3. love it love it love it

  4. Only nachas!

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