The Motherhood University (7-Minute Mommy Peptalk)

The Motherhood University (7-Minute Mommy Peptalk)

Every stage of motherhood teaches us new life skills.


  1. Toda Chanah Jenny,
    I really needed to hear this today. We have all ages and stages of children living at home. One baby, a 4 &7 yr old,
    3 teenagers, and 2 adult children working out of the home. Sometimes I feel a bit overwhelmed with the personality clashes amongst the older ones. I realize this is normal, but sometimes I feel eclipsed and overrun by every one else’s needs/wants. I try not to react to every situation and I’m starting to make daily times of replenishing: hitbodedut in a quiet spot with HaShem, a short walk by myself, I’m even treating myself to Garden of Gratitude by Rabbi Shalom Arush. Just in the past 2 days I have noticed a difference in how I react to certain situations. I’m not as frustrated. Instead of ruminating over again in my mind the last snippy thing one of the kids said to me, I am counting the minutes to the baby’s nap time and picking up Torah study and cuddling with my baby While I’m reading. I’m learning that through all stages of child rearing, to be less self centered, yet self care is increasingly more important, if that makes any sense. Our teens are learning this as they watch us, I’m thinking.

  2. Wow Chana Jenny, once again, you hit the nail on the head, I needed those insights as I BH have all the stages too, and your advice is very helpful to deal with each stage, to help me see beyond the behavior 😊. Yasher Koach! IMO, it is due to your openness and honesty that you have such an impact on Jewish Moms the world over.

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