When I Cross the Street in Jerusalem

When I Cross the Street in Jerusalem

In Jerusalem, when you press the button to cross the street, a man’s voice states “Bakashatcha Hitkabla”– your request has been received.

The first time I heard this several years ago, I thought right away how amazingly wonderful it would be if prayer worked like that. I could pray at the Kotel for this, that, and the other thing, and Hashem would reply, “Your request has been received.” So even if the response isn’t instant, as it rarely is, I would know, like when I receive an automated Email from customer service, that my request has been received and will be responded to (in the positive or negative) eventually.

So I was pleasantly surprised when listening to Dina Friedman’s class this week about the power of prayer that she instructed us, when praying, to imagine Hashem’s hand extending towards us to receive our prayers, accompanied by the words “Your request has been received.”

What a blessing to live in a city that reminds me of that mind-blowing thought every single time I cross the street.


  1. Very cool how you put that together!

  2. So amazing that the 1st thought you had after pushing the button was the spiritual meaning of what you heard. I love going into that head space. Thanks for sharing as always!

  3. when my husband gets to one of those crosswalks with the kids, he tells them, “tell me what you want”, and when they answer he presses the button…

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